Examination Procedure

Step-by-step Guide

1. Patient registration

  • Prepare a questionnaire for patient registration and submit it to the hospital administration.
  • Explain patient’s symptoms and affected part to the staff

2. Patient registration fee and payment

  • Receipt of patient registration card and medical bill
  • Pay to patient registration fee and medical fee at the counter and receive the receipt.

3. Department care

  • Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms by interviewing the doctor in charge of each department – Decide whether to proceed if additional testing or treatment is required

4. (When necessary) inspection expenses receipt and inspection

  • Payment for inspection or treatment
  • Progression (X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood test, urine test, endoscopy, etc.) prescribed according to the patient’s condition

5. (If necessary) Test result Explanation

  • If the results can be Immediately checked, consultation with the doctor in charge after the inspection.
  • If it takes time to check the test results, Re-visit after appointment of consultation schedule.
  • Depending on the results of the test, additional tests, treatments and treatment methods are determined if necessary.

6. Payment of Treatment and medicinal costs (if necessary)

  • Receipt of medical expenses and medical fee bill from the hospital administration.
  • Pay the bill to the reception counter and receive a receipt

7. Treatment and medical procedure, receipt of medicine

  • Present a payment receipt to the pharmacy and receive medicines
  • Treatment and procedure according to doctor’s prescription

8. Reservation and return

  • If continuous observation and additional medical care are needed, make a reservation for next treatment and return to home.


  • Africa’s healthcare system requires payment of medical and treatment costs in advance of treatment
  • Please refrain from visiting the doctor directly and observe the prescribed procedure when you receive the hospital treatment.