Medical Information

Office Hours
  • Weekdays: AM 9:00 – PM 6:00
  • Lunch time: PM 1:00 – PM 2:00
  • Saturday: AM 9:00 – PM 6:00
  • Night: PM 6:00 – PM 9:00

※ We will be closed on Saturdays until 6 pm, and closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Timetable for Medical Treatment


Department Time Days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
pediatrics a.m. Chung Lim Chung Chung Chung  Lim
p.m. Lim Lim Lim  Lim Lim Chung
Internal Medicine a.m. Kang Fred Kang Kang Kang Fred
p.m. Kang Kang Kang Kang Kang *GP
Plastic Surgery a.m. Ko Ko Ko Ko Ko Ko
p.m. Ko Ko Ko Ko Ko *GP
Surgery a.m. Mutambo
Ophthalmology a.m. Choi Choi Choi
Dental Clininc a.m.
Oriental Medicine a.m.

※ The above hours may be changed without notice by the hospital.

*GP: General Practitioner