Vaccination Procedure

Precautions before and after vaccination

Precautions before vaccination

  •  The person who knows the health condition of the child bring the child.
  •  Measure the temperature of your child at home.
  •  Maternal and child health handbook is brought to visit.
  •  Take the bath the day before the inoculation and dress the child in clean clothes.
  •  If possible, do not bring a child who will not be vaccinated.

Precautions after vaccination

  • Stay in the hospital for 20 to 30 minutes after the inoculation and observe the condition of the child.
  • Observe carefully for at least 3 hours after return.
  • Prevent from intense exercise on the day of vaccination and the next day.
  • Clean the inoculated part.
  • At least 3 days after inoculation, please pay special attention and observe. If you have a fever or cramps you must go to doctor.
  • Your child must be laid on their backs to sleep.